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Akira for Nes


Akira for Nes

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► YES.
► NO.

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I have found perhaps the weirdest corner of this website

if you look through the tags of any of the members of eighties band Duran Duran (don’t ask how I learned this) there is legitimately a Duran Duran shipping sub-community on tumblr

They’re basically like One Directioners except they’re doing this with men in their fifties 

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Jason and Tim in Batman and Robin #34


Jason and Tim in Batman and Robin #34

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Fucking weeaboo.
Me to myself every goddamn day (via jfads-lffjals)

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Beetlejuice (1988)

Beetlejuice (1988)

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Feel it, breath it, believe it
and you’ll be walking on air

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nothing makes me feel older than when those “I feel so old/childhood ruined!” posts are about shows I was too old for

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@yearningforthelanding said:GOOD LUCK CHRIS!!!

Thanks :))))))) Have a great semester and stay super adorable

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so I’m bumming wifi off a restaurant behind my apartment and watching Legend of Korra and crying (this sounds dramatic but I literally always cry watching television and/or movies it’s a thing) and Hot Straight Housemate walks in (who I hadn’t met yet because he was gone all day) and I didn’t want his first impression of me to be “cries while watching cartoons” (which is true but that’s irrelevant) so I had to dive into my room to dry up my face and then go back out to introduce myself