"One must remind oneself…"


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Jesus Christ here’s some more

Skelton’s “or” is crucial here, as it engenders potentialities with which meaning is ascertained. The poem deliberately avoids a fixed, stable representation. “Or” drives the poem into a liminal state in which representation is suspended, and meaning becomes a free-play of signifiers that point to realities as yet unachieved.”

We get it, you’ve read Derrida. Do you honestly do this every time you see the word “or” in a passage…

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I’m reading the response that another student in my satire course posted on the course website, and he opens with the phrase “It strikes me as self-evident” and I’m just rolling my eyes so hard

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"The unfortunate Finnegans Wake is nothing but a formless and dull mass of phony folklore, a cold pudding of a book, a persistent snore in the next room, most aggravating to the insomniac! … Moreover, I always detested regional literature full of quaint old-timers and imitated pronunciation… I know I am going to be excommunicated for this pronouncement."Vladimir Nabokov, interview 1967

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When I’m having a down period I want my friends to reach out to me but when I see others in that same position I don’t know what to do

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10 years ago today, Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way went back in time to sedouce Volxemort and protect all of us from his evil plans

reblog this post to honor Enoby’s brave sacrifice, ignore if you’re a prep or a poser

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I have to present for an hour tomorrow on the development of classical satire (specifically, satiric personas and speakers) in the medieval and then early modern periods and I still have no idea what to say because I haven’t read any classical satire other than Horace and a tiny bit of Juvenal

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I was gonna watch Tokyo Ghoul but them I saw how much it fucked all of you up and I don’t have the emotional fortitude for that kind of shit

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megaklefki said: but old people are so fashion rn

hoonerorlater said: I’m going to be middle aged and dressed like a teenager because that’s all that physically fits me. I crave old people clothing.


I’m gonna claim a distinction between old people clothes (big comfy sweaters, patterned dinner jackets, warm cardigans, cat prints), and middle-aged clothes (flared/bootcut jeans, visible belts, tucked in button downs, sandals, those god awful polyester polo shirts, office-casual blouses, everything they sell at Old Navy)

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Jason Todd by Ryan Sook || Original [x]